Dr. Sian Phillips, Phd

1 Day Seminar – Friday, April 28, 2017

4 Day Level 1 Training – Friday, April 28- Monday May 1, 2017

Station on the Green, Creemore, Ontario

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1 Day Seminar:  Establishing Safe Connections: Helping Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Loss

Healthy relationships in the early years facilitate optimal brain integration and development and are correlated with mental health. However, when children experience abuse, neglect, or multiple caregivers, the high level of stress associated with these experiences changes the architecture of their brain and makes it difficult for them to establish relationships. In the absence of good enough relationships, children are at risk for neurological, cognitive, emotional and behavioural challenges that take them away from the pathway towards mental health.

Many children, when placed in a setting that provides attuned, and sensitive responsiveness, are able to learn how to engage in and benefit from the dyadic experiences provided by a foster or adoptive parent or a different family member. Other children who have been much more traumatized and compromised in those aspects of their development have much greater difficulty responding to their new caregiver.

This workshop introduces basic theory and understanding of brain development and the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). The principles of DDP will guide case examples for the purposes of learning how an adult can support a child who cannot trust relationships.

Participants will:
Understand how toxic levels of stress impacts on brain development.
Understand insecure and disorganized attachment patterns and the relevance for ongoing development
Understand the vulnerability behind challenging behaviour and how that behaviour might be adaptive.
How to use Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (P.A.C.E.) to help a child regulate their emotions, make sense of their world in less shame-based ways and to learn how to trust relationships.

This one-day workshop is relevant for those parenting and caring for children with attachment and trauma histories. It is also relevant for counselors, therapists, teachers, educational assistants, youth care staff, social service and mental health care providers working with children and their families.

4 Day Level 1 Training: Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy—is family-based and focused on facilitating the child’s ability to establish a secure attachment. Caregivers are present and engaged in the therapy process. DDP is based on attachment theory, intersubjectivity theory and interpersonal neurobiology and provides clinicians ways of creating safety for both parents and children who are struggling in their relationships. DDP helps parents understand the vulnerability beneath their child’s difficult behaviour and provides tools to help parents respond in ways that co-regulate their child and help them make sense of their experiences. This then helps the child to feel understood and accepted and more open to new experiences in relationships.

Participants will build on the information presented in the one day workshop to further understand how to use DDP principles to increase emotional safety, facilitate attachment and help the child resolve traumatic memories and experiences. The principles and interventions are presented through formal presentations, discussion, videotapes of treatment sessions, role-play, and handouts.

This training is relevant for therapists and clinicians who want to increase their skill set of attachment focused treatment. The model is relevant for those working with children aged four through to adult years. This is phase one of certification in DDP Training and is limited to 24 participants.

Dr. Sian Phillips is a psychologist in private practice in Kingston. She received her Ph.D. from University of Toronto in 1996 and has been working with children and families in Kingston since that time. She specializes in the assessment of trauma and attachment difficulties and works with children, foster parents and adoptive parents using Daniel Hughes model of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy ®©. This exciting way of working helps the parent understand what lies behind difficult behaviour and to provide a safe, empathic relationship in which the child can begin to explore traumatic, hurtful and shameful experiences and importantly learn to experience themselves differently. Sian is a certified DDP therapist, consultant and trainer. She has two clinical chapters in Art Becker Weidman’s book The Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Case Book published in 2011. She is also an adjunct professor at Queens, supervising students in their clinical placements.

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For More Information on DDP check out the  Dyadic Developmental Network website.
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