Both the content  and the feeling of the seminar in June, Chronic Shame Meets Relational Psychotherapy, with Dr. Pat DeYoung, have stayed with me for the past few weeks. I have brought Pat’s insights directly into my practice with a number of my clients and it has deepened the work we are doing together. I loved that day! Pat is so gifted at making challenging concepts so accessible and applicable, Immediately, I could see how her theories were pulling together so much of what I have been learning about trauma, neurobiology, attachment and families and what I already know about relational psychotherapy. I had this feeling of synthesis – of theoretical worlds colliding.

And the community we had envisioned when we started Therapy Talks, materialized. It was a lovely group with engaged and lively participants. Peter and I felt so excited meeting everyone and welcoming them to our first seminar in Creemore. The feeling of the group for me was of openness and encouragement. This is something that we really want to foster and to develop as we move forward with the seminars we have planned for the fall.  So cool to see our vision start to take shape. Thanks to everyone who came out ready to learn, share and to be inspired to continue with our work.

I highly recommend Pat’s book, Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame: A Relational/Neurobiological Approach. Again, it is so accessible and immediately applicable. I feel like I want to know it inside out!